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CTC’s Asset-Based Community Development program (ABCD) considers local assets as the primary building blocks of a sustainable community
development. Building on the skills of local residents, artists, the support of local associations, the ABCD approach draws upon existing community
strengths to build a stronger and more sustainable community. As such, CTC provides comprehensive onsite and off-site training, curriculum and a comprehensive community development kit, along with its critically acclaimed catalogue of musicals- for use by theater practioners, local artists and community builders.

Based on the ABCD approach, Children’s Theatre Company Headquarters and Flagship Chapter in New York City partners with various like-minded organizations, such as the the Interfaith Council, UNICEF, the Baha'i International Community and other NGOs to form strong alliances that will support its ethical and citizenship education program.

CTC has numerous public school theater-residencies, over nine Chapters nationwide- serving over 4000 students. The Company provides its award-winning musical-theater-catalogue to community-based organizations, in both the US and abroad.